We draw inspiration from everything and anyone, past and present, that we find entertaining, imaginative, strong, brilliant and creative. Like SPEED RACER here from the brilliant mind of Tatsuo Yoshido who left us with many a cliffhangers from show to to show.

We are a custom creative shop that uses various social media platforms to provide a serial storytelling experience that will leave you too wanting more.

We offer some twisted history and a healthy mix of Pop Culture resulting in a full literary escape without ever leaving the house. When you purchase a book from our website, you will receive chapters of the story over the course of several days. Whatever you do in between those days is up to you while glued to your screens. 

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, maybe even throw up a little in your mouth.”

Is it the greatest literature in the world? As long as it brings a sense of escape for those who might need a little R&R from the chaos of today, by offering just enough cheese to compliment the whine coming from today’s society, we’ve done our job. But, you be the judge. 

Who is CliffHanger? We will leave you with this. CliffHangers is a pen name and not a porn name. Unless this writing thing doesn’t work out. Trust us when we say, nobody wants that.