Our Philosophy

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Again, at CliffHangers, we have revisited the art of serial storytelling first made popular in newspapers over a century ago that leaves the audience in suspense and waiting for the next installment by utilizing today’s technology designed for the short attention spanned, device driven, overscheduled person who enjoys reading but is pressed for time.


And by leaving our readers wanting more, it keeps them actively engaged with our company and keeping Cliffhangers Productions type of mind.


What we offer

A twist to history, a healthy mix of Pop Culture resulting in stories designed for people who are on the go and pressed for time. A full literary escape with just enough cheese to compliment the wine coming from today’s society.



Our Mission

Redefining the art of storytelling one chapter at a time.



“Stories worth the wait.”

A superior-quality independent publisher melded with a high-performance custom creative shop that uses various social media channels to provide an entertaining storytelling experience that will leave you wanting more.


This business and its site has been created for total escapism purposes. If you are looking to make a difference in someone’s life, please keep going. There are many deserving people out there with worthy causes that could use real help. We provide the perfect escape from threats of unforgiving weather, left and right radical dumb dumbs and small-minded dictators with missile envy. Even for those that just need a little break from their hectic day. But it’s entertainment none the less to possibly freshen the crappy taste left in your mouth from the multiple game day turds stinking up the turf while disrespecting our national pride. But again, I digress.


Start with what we have, BLACK ICE, which can only be found on this website. You can go back to our homepage for buttons to get you to the shop where the book is located, or just go to the menu bar.  You’re smart, you’ll figure it out.

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