Much ado about nothing

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I weap for the men and women who died for this country to protect the freedoms and values people of this once great nation held so near and dear to their hearts.




Here are your rights – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  That’s it! Everything else is gravy.


So quit your bitching and wake up people. Here’s what you should be worried about instead of who AB InBev has a spokesperson.  That, just like everything else is a deflection against real conspiracy concerns such as:


The abundance of railroad derailments around the country. Coincidence?

Cattle plants going up in flames.

Foreign countries buying up farmland.

Billions going to a war, for what in return.

Open and unsafe borders.

Shitty school systems.

Lawmakers who think that they are Tik Tok famous.

Once beautiful cities all crime ridden hell holes – common denominator – Democratic run – sorry, that’s just facts.

The abundance of drugs coming into this country and killing our people.

Administration that is like Kevin Bacon in Animal House pushing out narratives that stink on ice. And that no one has the balls to question for fear of being cancelled.


And the world continues to laugh at us. 



Get you prepper kits together. Just saying


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