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Who we are and where we were.

We tried the Social media route – Where we are still present.  Started on Twitter by trying to

use the media a little differently by having characters from the book chime in on conversations initiated by Cliff. But soon realized that people weren’t getting it. Neither was

the Twitter Police.  Moved to Instagram – more visual and can type a lot more. But the formula and the dreaded algorithm there wasn’t us either.  So what now?


We don’t have words of wisdom

Life hacks to live by

Tattoos to show

A body to flaunt around

Not going topless or spinning in a thong

Don’t have a face for magazines

No thirst traps here

Or fashion sense to save our lives.


We don’t build anything unless its for our stories for fun

Shoot anything

Blow anything up

Critique anything

No tutorials

No life advice from my car

Lip sync or dance around like a monkey – unless it’s a random TSwift song


Or film anything looking for a reaction


No games

We’re not staging anything

No transitions

Or using catfish filters obviously

We’re not here to build followers

Or troll off of others

We don’t have any events to promote at this time.


CliffHangers is our pen name and Brand name built from the serial storytelling genre that first debuted in the newspapers, evolved to the silver screen for the Saturday Matinee crowd, showed up in comic books and eventually made it’s way to TV where everyone has to binge the latest shows because people no longer have any patience. But I digress.


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