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More to say...

What we do have is our corner of the world and this – our imagination. Creativity in the world of art, design, concepts, and storytelling.  The ability to create scenarios that don’t exist and twist the fuck out of history if need be. Not sitting by a lake in Minnesota. I’m in musty ass damp basement from the midwest.  And who wants to see that?


Premise of CiffHangers? To sell stories/novels/books through todays tech found only on this website. We think it’s a modern take of an old genre. With each installment you get a couple of chapters sent to you over the course of several days. Stories worth the wait – by CliffHangers – do you get it yet? Some might find it annoying. Don’t care.  



Thoughts come from within provided by the almighty. I just write them down and try to make a story out of them. Believable, untrue stories. I do my best. If you want Shakespeare, he’s out there. If you don’t, you are welcome here.



The great thing is, all you need is your phone. Well, and an email address where we can send the stories to.  So you never have to worry about leaving a hard copy somewhere or the amount of trees that were cut down to produce an actual book. You’re welcome, Greta?


Plus it gives you more time to fuck around on your devices that are already in your hands and you can’t live without. Designed for the short attention spanned easily distracted people that are always on the go. We’re just providing the cheese for the charcuterie board that is today’s world, complimenting the whine coming from its societies.


I’m not tracking emails to build multichannel bullshit. I don’t give a shit about site visits, conversion rates, frequency, average order value, or any other kind of marketing speak.



I did this because it entertains the shit out me, I have stories to tell that again; fucks with some of my favorite topics in history, and this form of entertainment isn’t going into the pockets of Bezos, Disney, some rando publisher, streaming service or any other large corporation.


I guess this makes me a pretty shitty huckster.


But this is the way that is.  A little something for everyone, to forget about the shit going on in the world today. But grant it, it’s not for everybody. The grammar isn’t good, no structure to sentences, reads the way I speak. So, suck it haters. 


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