Solution vs Problem

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Here are the only things you are entitled to in the US. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. – That’s it. Don’t be an asshole and fuck it up for everyone else.

The past is history, learn from it.

The present is now, enjoy it and quit your bitching.

The future hasn’t been written, be open to it.

I don’t care about your sexual preference, gender or how you identify, your race, or about your political views, or your conspiracy theories, or what beer you drink or don’t drink. Or about anything else – I have my beliefs and that is okay. You have yours, great. Moving on.

Here’s what we all can do – have a little common sense, be tolerable and listen to others, learn to compromise, and be kind to one another.

Otherwise, shut the fuck up unless you are going to run for office and be part of a solution instead of part of a problem by bellyaching every time you don’t agree with something.

Fucking pussies

If you need something to do, buy my book.

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